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Rev. John Akinyemi

We believe that planting spiritually healthy churches is impossible without first making the investment to equip the local pastors who will lead them. The basic knowledge needed to begin performing the duties and responsibilities of a church plant pastor, the Bible Seminar is a forty-hour intensive study on "The Theological Foundations of Effective Ministry" conducted by a seminary-trained minister with pastoral experience.

The Bible Seminar is based on the four components of effective ministry as defined by the Apostle Paul in 1 Thes. 1:1-8. Those four components are: 1) Evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit (verse 5a), 2) Setting the example (verse 5b), 3) Getting others to imitate you (verses 6-7), and 4) Teaching others to reproduce steps 1-3 (verse 8). An outline of the topics taught is provided below.

1. Evangelism in the Power of the Holy Spirit:

A. The Four Spiritual Laws.
B. Using the EvangeCube to present the Gospel.
C. Witnessing to Muslims or Catholics depending on the country.

2. Setting the Example:

A. The Five Functions of the Church.
B. The Three Types of Spiritual Fruit.
C. Rightly Dividing the Word (Detailed Lesson on Hermeneutics).
D. Rightly Knowing the Word:

1) The Doctrine of the Trinity.
2) The Gospel According to Paul (Study of Romans).

3. Getting Others to Imitate You: "Itís all About Discipleship"

A. Giving church members Bibles and teaching them how to use it (This should be the number one fund raising priority in every church.).
B. Teaching church members how to witness using the EvangeCube (The first verses memorized should be those needed to share oneís faith with others.).
C. Conducting age-based Sunday school classes.
D. Organizing into mid-week small group Bible studies in peopleís homes.
E. Implementing expository teaching and preaching at all levels.

4. Teaching Others to Reproduce Steps 1-3:

A. Implementing an outreach/evangelism program.
B. Implementing a teacher training program.
C. Implementing a new believerís discipleship program.
D. Developing ministries so that spiritual gifts can be utilized.
E. Communicating Godís expectation for His children and His churches to spiritually reproduce.

Below are a couple of videos containing brief personal testimonies from two of the pastors who have attended one of these Bible Seminars. Their own words best express the dire need for this training and the immediate impact that it has had on the effectiveness of their ministries.



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