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(a.k.a The Voice Of Christian Education And Ministry) 

Healing The Church, Raising The Apostolic And The Prophetic Voices For The Healing Of The Nations 

1. NAME: The name of the Organization is NETWORK OF PASTORS AND CHURCH WORKERS WORLDWIDE (a. k. a Voice of Christian Education and Ministry). 

2. NATURE: Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide (NOPACWW) is a non-denominational Christian Organization. 

3. COMPOSITION: Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide (NOPACWW) constitute a worldwide network of Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel and Church Workers from Churches in different places from Canada to Africa, U S A, Europe, Asia and other part of the world. 

4. NATURE: Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide (NOPACWW) to remain non-denominational Christian social organization with no discrimination between people of different denomination, tribe, nor geographical location. 

Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide (NOPACWW) is a non-denominational Christian social Organisation, and is to foster unity among Christian Pastors and Churches. That the Christian Churches become a voice and force to be reckon with in spiritual, physical and economic world. 

Members of Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide (NOPACWW) are free to belong to other Christian Organizations or Associations. The Organizations is not a substitute or competitor to any Christian group(s), association or organization but to complement the efforts of genuine Christian church Unions or Organizations; work together in the Unity of the Body of Christ. 

5. INTERNATIONAL HEAD OFFICE: 2537 Graham Street – Postal Code V8T3Y6- Victoria -BC - CANADA. 

6. NATIONAL AFRICA REGIONAL OFFICES: Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa 


i. To bring sanity to the Churches through Biblical teachings by tackling biblical doctrinal differences in deliverance ministrations, gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, Christian social and holy living as well the other tenets of faith as stated in the Holy Bible. 

ii. To provide a United Fellowship among the genuinely born again Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel and Christians in general, provide a common front or basis for unity, love and godly fellowship cut across different denominational, fellowships; Christian associations etc. but with one voice speak the truth in the love of Christ. 


i. To promote an Association of Pastors and the Gospel Ministers in Canada, Africa, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. Registered members will be opened to the opportunity and encouragement to attend NOPACWW seminars, conferences in different part of the world. 

ii. Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide (NOPACWW) is a non-profit, social and Christian organization to improve both spiritual and economic conditions of Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel and Christian Churches through effective poverty reduction and through positive impact on beneficiaries. Summarily, to provide spiritual and economic empowerment to Christians and church leaders. 

iii. Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide (NOPACWW) shall preach the gospel for Soul Winning, involves in Evangelism and Deliverances Crusades, Conferences, seminars etc., and with the aids of electronic and printing media, shall organize Seminars, Workshops on Marriage Finance, Health, Education, Poverty Alleviation and Relief Services, for the registered members and their various communities. 


i. Membership is open to every BORN AGAIN Christian worker, Pastor or Minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, who want to be a voice and make an indelible impact in his or her generation. 

ii. He or she must obtain and complete Membership Form 

iii. He or she must return the completed Membership Form with the payment of a registration fee. 

iv. A registered member must pay the annual membership subscription as determined by the International Head office (Canada) 



VICE PRESIDENT (International) 

Apostle Prince McGershon (Canada) 



PRESIDENT (International) 

Apostle John Akinyemi (Nigeria) 




Phone Number    





Christ Ministries Pentecostal Church
12, Ikpoh Street, off Olatilewa Street,
Ikate, Surulere,

House 2, Road 3, Greelite Estate,
off Alatunshe Street,
Ibeju Lekki,



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