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Rev. John Akinyemi


Article I: The Name 

1.1 The name of the Foundation shall be called “NETWORK OF PASTORS AND CHURCH WORKERS WORLDWIDE (a. k. a Voice of Christian Education and Ministry). 

1.2 Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide is a non-denominational Christian Organization. 

1.3 Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall constitute a worldwide network of Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel and Churches in different places. It shall have its corporate Head office in Canada. 

1.4The Registered Address of the Corporate Head Office of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall be - -2537 Graham Street – Postal Code V8T3Y6- Victoria -BC - CANADA. 

Article II: Mission Statement 

2.1 Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide is a non-denominational Christian social Organisation, and is to foster unity among Christian Pastors and Churches. That the Christian Churches become a voice and a force to be reckon with in both spiritual and economic world. 

2.2 To promote economic and social developmental projects, and tackle problems of poverty among Pastors, ministers of the gospel and the Churches in general. 

2.3 Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide to remain non-denominational Christian social organization with no discrimination between people of different denomination, tribe, nor geographical location. 

2.4 To bring sanity to the Churches through Biblical teachings by tackling biblical doctrinal differences in deliverance ministrations, gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, Christian social and holy living as well the other tenets of faith as stated in the holy Bible. 

2.5 To provide a United Fellowship among the genuinely born again Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel and Christians in general, provide a common front or basis for unity, love and godly fellowship cut across different denominational, fellowships; Christian associations etc. but with one voice speak the truth in the love of Christ. 

2.6 To promote an Association of Pastors and the Gospel Ministers in Canada, Nigeria and Ghana locally and other parts of the world. 

2.7 To be in one mind, and say the same thing in the spirit of Christ, keeping the unity of the body of Christ. 

2.8 We are to promote biblical sound doctrines to deliver the Body of Christ from the hand of false teachers and prophets. Speaking the truth in love for the growth and edification of the body of Christ. 

2.9 To emphasis and practice biblical doctrines as related to water baptism, Holy Communion, marriages, giving of ministerial certificates and other biblical injunctions as ordained in the new Testaments. 

2.9 Members of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide are free to belong to other Christian Organizations or Associations. The Organizations is not a substitute or competitor to any Christian group(s), association or organization but to complement the efforts of genuine Christian church Unions or Organizations; work together in the Unity of the Body of Christ. 

Article III: Nature 

3.1 Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall be non-profit, social and Christian organization to improve both spiritual and economic conditions of Pastors, Ministers of the Gospel and Christian Churches through effective poverty reduction and through positive impact on beneficiaries. Summarily, to provide spiritual and economic empowerment to Christians and church leaders 

3.2 The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall be an affiliate of relevant organization(s) that share the same vision and goals, and enjoy all affiliate benefits from such. 

3.3 The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide 

shall be an independent Organization for all Churches without denominational in its operation. 

Article IV: Aims and Objectives 

4.1 To provide the means to an effective poverty reduction and activation through positive impact on beneficiaries. 

4.2 To offer care and support fund to orphans and widows among Christians, who are suffering from different conditions of ill-health through community involvement and church assistance. 

4.3 To engage in scholarship scheme fund for the less-privileged orphans and the needy in the churches. 

4.4 To provide avenues to assist school drop-outs fund and other educational disadvantaged young persons in the Churches to engage in a meaningful education or career pursuit. 

4.5 To support and give legal aid to Pastors and Christian Churches who are wrongfully persecuted or victimized. 

4.6 To help and empower Christians that are poverty-stricken to become financially and economically independent. 

4.7 To sensitize and mobilize the Christian youth that are unemployed to be gainfully employed through participation in effective poverty-reduction programme and projects. 

4.8 To provide and care for the elderly, widows and widowers in the Churches. 

4.9 To provide rehabilitation and resettlement to the displaced persons through war, crisis, disasters. Housing Scheme, relief assistance and care for the less-privileged and the elderly. 

4.10 To organise and mobilize youth movement for family, community and National Socio-Political and Economic Development. 

4.11 To organize women for economic development and sustainment. 

4.12 To perform Ordination, Commissioning and provide Ministerial license(s) for Christian Churches and leaders 

4.13 As Christian Organization, to perform Water Baptism, Marriage, Child Dedication etc, to the Registered Members and Churches. 

4.14 To secure the future of the children through the right to health and sound education. 

4.15 To run orphanage homes and cares for the less-privileged and physically-challenged persons. 

4.16 To provide welfare package for Pastors, Christian leaders and Church members that are registered members. This is to enable them provide for the social and economic needs of their families, ministries and Churches. 

4.17 To organize and establish Christian Training Centre, Technical, Vocational and other educational or capacity building training for Pastors, Christian Ministers and Churches that are registered members. 

4.18 To run Christian network of Churches through Zones, Districts, Regions, etc. Forming Christian Network Associations, Pastors Network Association, etc.

4.19 Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall preach the gospel for Soul Winning, involves in Evangelism and Deliverances Crusades, Conferences, seminars etc. also with the aids of electronic and printing media. Also organizes Seminars, Workshops on Marriage Finance, Health, Education, Poverty Alleviation and Relief Services, for the registered members and the various communities. 

4.20 Shall assist the Local, State and National Authorities (Government) as the relevant international communities in combating the issue of poverty, injustice, unfair treatment, child abuse, neglect of women right, etc. 

4.21 To ensure a high level of civic education amongst the less-fortunate on matters concerning their rights to freedoms, education and health. To guard against issues of human rights abuses due to lack of legal representation. Also to remove fear of victimization by authority. 

4.22 To restore and propagate the New Testament apostolic doctrines as related to the gifts and the fruits of the Spirit, offices of leadership. Church government and administration, ordination and licensing Christian workers and leaders. equipping them for the end time move of the Holy Spirit. 

4.23 To organize book centres, record studios, establish Bible and education centres for Christians capacity building for godly living and productivity for the community development 

Article 5: Conditions of Membership 

5.1 Membership is open to every Christian Pastor and church worker who has the aims and objectives of the Organization at heart. 

5.2 He or she must obtain and complete membership form. And must be in good standing. 

5.3 He or she must return the completed membership form with the payment of an amount as determined by the Administrative council to the zonal chairman of the nearest zone to him or her. 

5.4 He or she must pay the annual membership subscription as determined by the Administrative council. 

Article 6: Source of Fund/Financial Plans 

For the purpose of raising and generation fund to realize its Aims and objectives, the Foundation shall: 

6.1 Be financed by funds derived from membership registration form, annual membership subscription fund, free will donations, tithes, offerings as well voluntary contributions from other individuals and organizations. 

6.2 Financial independent via utilization of poverty reduction projects. 

6.3 Financial dependents from other Foundation Organization’s NGOs, local and international grants. 

6.4 Receive grants for assistance (in cash and/or kind) from corporate bodies, Trust Fund organization, Charitable/Philanthropic Foundation in Nigeria, Ghana and Canada or elsewhere. 

6.5 Generate Funds by way of projects, rents, savings, and shares, consumer goods, investment in shares, securities, charges, trading and properties. 

6.6 Collect monies and financial assistance from or by any other lawful source or means. 

6.7 Financial Guide 

6.7a Funds received by the Foundation are non-refundable and are not subject to claims by any contributor whatsoever. 

6.7b Funds are to be deposited in the designated depository banks, and may be withdrawn or otherwise dealt with by authorized joint signatories. 

6.7c Funds of the Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide (NOPACWW) shall be handled by appropriately qualified finance personnel appointed thereto. 

6.7d There shall be zonal, state and National accounts. The procedures in clause 6.7 above are applicable. 

6.8: Project Management Board 

The Projects management Board will manage all the Finance generating projects of the Foundation that are to alleviate poverty of the Pastors, Church members and the communities. 

6.8a The Project Management Board shall comprise of the following: 

a. An expert in Non-Governmental Organization Funding 

b. An expert in Sociology/Philanthropist 

c. An expert in Business Development and Management or an industrialist 

d. Two members of the Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide (NOPACWW) which one of them will be from the office of National Poverty Alleviation Co-ordinator. 

6.8b The Project management Board will be directly supervised by the Administrative Council. 

6.8c The Project Management Board shall report their activities directly to the Administrative Council. 

6.8d The Administrative Council decides the welfare and financial package for the Provinces, Regions or States. 

6.8e The Province, Region or States decides welfare and financial package for the Pastors and Churches under them. 

Article 7: Board of Trustees (Composition) 

7.1 Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall have a Board of Trustees made up of seven (7) persons comprising 

Two Permanent members for the positions of the President / Chairman and the Vice President 

Article 7.2Appointment of The Board of Trustees 

7.2a The Appointment of Members to the Board of Trustees shall be the prerogative of the President and the Vice President, who are the sole owner of Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide. The Appointment shall be every two years. 

7.2b The Board of Trustees shall appoint among themselves: 

- The Secretary to the Boards 

- The Secretary General 

- The Executive Director 

- The Fund Management Director 

- The Director of Administration. 

Article 7.3: Governing Board 

The Trustees of Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide for the purpose of the Companies and Allied Matters (hereinafter referred) to as “The Trustees” shall be known as the Incorporated Trustees of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide and shall hold office for the period of two years but cease to hold office if he/she: 

7.3a Resign his/her office 

7.3b Ceases to be a member of the Incorporated Trustees of the Foundation. 

7.3c Become Insane 

7.3d Officially declared bankrupt. 

7.3e Convicted of a criminal involving dishonesty by a court of competent jurisdiction. 

7.3f Recommended for removal from office by the Board of Trustees majority vote of members in their General Meeting. 

Upon a Vacancy occurring in the number of Trustees, a General meeting comprises of National Executives and the Board of Trustees will be held to elect eligible member according to Clause 7.2 

Article 8: Organizational Structure (Administrative Council) 

8.1 The Board of Trustees shall be the highest human ruling, policy and decision making of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide. 

8.2 The Board of Trustees as the sole owner of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall occupy the position of the ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL. For over all government decision of the Foundation shall: 

8.3 Shall apply to the Registrar-General, Corporate Affairs Commission for a Certificate of Incorporation under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990. If such Certificate is granted, the Trustees shall have power to accept and hold in trust all land belonging to the Foundation. And to acquire Land on behalf of the Organisation subject to such condition as the Corporate Affairs Commission may impose. 

8.4 Appoint Auditors every three years to audit the accounts of the Organisation at least once a year. 

8.5 Decide financial policy, enumeration, projects, etc for the growth and effective running of the Organisation. 

8.5 The Board of Trustees as Administrative Council shall be members of the National Executive Council 

8.6 Decisions in the National Executive Council shall be rectified by the Security Council. 

8.3a National Executive Council 

The National Executive Council shall have the sole authority to implement policies for the entire Organisation and carried out projects and activities as supervised by the Security Council. 

The National Executive President shall be the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and the 1st Vice Chairman will be the Executive Chairman of all the regional coordinators and the 2nd Vice Chairman will be the Executive Co-ordinators. Other positions are chaired as directed by the Security Councils. 

8.3b The Financial and Policy Making year of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall be the month of March of every year. National Executive Council Meeting will be held every March of the year. The meeting among others will include: 

i. Election of States and Regional Officers 

ii. Deliberation and decision on policies, instructions, etc from the Security Council. 

iii. Assessment and implementation of major projects and programmes. 

iv. Other matters of States and National Importance. 

8.3c All regulations made by the National Executive Council and ratified by the Security Council shall be binding on every member of the Foundation unless and until they are amended or repealed by a general Annual Meeting of the Foundation. 

8.3d The National Council shall have power from time to time to make regulations not inconsistent with the objectives of the Organisation regulations with these rules for the management of the affairs of the Organisation. 

8.3e All such regulations made by the National Executive Council during its terms of offices shall be read out by the General Secretary at the General Meeting when they may be confirmed or amended by the members present at the meeting. 

8.3f The Regional and State’s Annual Meetings shall be after the month of March of the year after the National Annual Meeting. 

8.3g The Regional and States Meeting shall transferred the Policy from the National Annual Meeting to their regions, States and Zones for implementation. 

9. Regional Organisation 

To facilitate the effective running of the Organisation in the country, The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall have offices in the six geo-political regions of the country. This will make it more effective in co-ordinating the States Chapters within the various regions through network activities of the programmes. 

A region shall be made up of States in each geo-political States of the Nation. 

9.1a There shall be Regional Chairman with the executives in each of the six geo-political regions. 

9.1b The regional executive council comprises the six geo-political region shall have over-all regional president, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President. Shall have executive Council supervising the activities of the Regions and State Chairmen of the regions. 

9.1c Recommendation about those to be elected to States and regional executives posts shall be submitted to the National executive Council meeting for elections and votes, during the Annual National Meeting. 

9.1d The decision of the National Executive Council of election shall be binding on the States and regions. 

10 States Organisation 

As regional organization, The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall have State Coordinators in all the Nation. 

10.1 States Coordinators are the executive Chairmen of the Zones of the States. The State Chairman with his State executive shall supervise the activities of the Zones formation, election of officers, zonal inauguration, etc. for effective grassroots operation. 

11. Principal Officers of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide 

1. National President 

2. National Vice President 

3. National General Secretary 

4. National Assistant General Secretary 

5. National Treasurer 

6. National Financial Secretary 

7. National Mission Director 

8. National Programme Director 

9. National Regional Co-ordinator 

10. National State Co-ordinator 

11. National Poverty Alleviation Co-ordinator 

12. National Project Director 

13. National Women Director 

14. National P.R.O. 

15. National Legal Adviser 

16. National Prayer Director 

17. National Welfare Director. 

18. National Director of registration of Churches. 

19. National Health Adviser 


12: Functions of Officers 

12.1 The National President/Chairman Board of Trustees 

i. He shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation. 

ii. He shall summon and preside over all ordinary, emergency, extraordinary and executive meetings of the Foundation. 

iii. He shall interpret this constitution. This interpretation or ruling shall guide the National Executive Council majority of members present in a subsequent properly constituted meeting of the annual meeting. 

iv. He shall be a trustee and Chairman Board of Trustees of the National Executive Council. 

v. He shall have in addition to his vote a casting vote in case of tie. 

vi. He shall endorse or authorize disbursement or payments. 

vii. He shall co-ordinate the decision of the National Executive Council. 

viii. He shall observe, ensure and enforce the observance of the Foundation’s vision and mission of the Foundation. 

ix. He shall execute other duties or function that may be assigned to him from time to time by the general assembly. 

x. He shall keep the registered seal of the Organisation. 

12.2 The National Vice President 

i. He shall assist the President at all times and deputize for him in his absence. 

ii. He shall be the Chairman to any adhoc committee set up by the National Executive Council. 

12.3 The National Secretary 

i. He shall be the head of the Secretariat 

ii. He shall direct, supervise and co-ordinate all secretarial activities of the Organisation. 

iii. He shall take minutes of annual meetings, minutes of extra-ordinary meetings, minutes of executive meetings, and other committee meetings. 

iv. He shall be generally in charge of correspondence, records and secretariat services. 

v. He shall summon meetings after due consultation with the President and as may be directed by the President. 

12.4 Assistant National General Secretary 

i. He shall assist the General Secretary in all his work and duties. 

ii. He shall deputize for the General Secretary in his absence. 

iii. He shall be the Secretary to any adhoc committee set up by the general house. 

iv. He shall do all other works as may be assigned to him by the General Secretary 

12.5 The National Treasurer 

i. He shall be the custodian of all monies, financial investments and money accruing from sale or rent of the properties of the Organisation. 

ii. He shall bank all monies of the Foundation within 48 hours of collection of such monies. 

iii. He shall keep an impress of few amount (as will be decided by the National Executive Council) and operate this impress only with the authority of the Executive Council. 

iv. He shall keep all bank books except the cheque book. 

v. He shall be a category “B” signatory to the Organisation bank account. 

vi. He shall report on the finance of the Organisation at every executive meeting. 

12.6 The National Financial Secretary 

i. He shall keep records of all monies received and spent by the Organisation. 

ii. He shall keep the cheque books of the Organisation, write out cheques for withdrawal of money, and can be appointed as a category “B” signatory to the Organisation’s bank account. 

12.7 The National PRO 

i. He shall be the image maker of the Organisation 

ii. He shall publicize the activities of the Organisation, using both print and electronic media with other channels of publicity. 

iii. He shall carry out other works as may be assigned to him by the board/the executive council. 

12.8 The National Legal Adviser 

He shall advise the Organisation on all legal matters and shall be the solicitor of the Organisation. 

12.9 The National Prayer Secretary 

i. He shall be in charge of the prayer ministry of the Organisation and co-ordinate prayer sessions at various Organisation meetings and special programmes. 

ii. He shall draw up annual prayer schedule for the Organisation and shall be at liberty to build up a prayer team during minor/major outreaches. 

iii. He shall organize prayer retreat, conferences, workshops etc. 

iv. His office shall directly be in charge and co-ordinate prayer towers in National, states and zones of Canada, Ghana and Nigeria. 

12.10 The National Missions Director 

i. He shall be in charge of missionary activities of the Organisation. 

ii. He shall advise the Organisation on the areas, localities where mission work need to be intensified. 

iii. He shall perform all other duties as may be assigned to him by the National Executive council. 

12.11 The National Programmes Director 

i. He shall prepare and co-ordinate the programme of activities of the Organisation. 

ii. He shall prepare annual programme of activities and present such programme to executive council for approval. 

iii. He shall be in charge of both minor and major outreaches of the Organisation, including training/seminar programme. 

iv. He shall do all other duties as may be assigned to him by the National Executive Council/board of trustees. 

12.12 The Regional Co-ordinator 

i. He shall co-ordinate the activities of the Organisation within his region and shall with the aid of State Co-ordinators within his region organize required programmes as may be approved by the National Executive Council. 

ii. He shall give report of his region to the National Executive Council. 

12.13 The State Co-ordinator 

i. He shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Organisation. 

ii. He shall direct the affairs of his State in conjunction with State Executive Council. 

iii. He shall be the Executive Chairman of the State Executive Council 

iv. He shall be a member of the Regional Executive Council. 

v. He shall be working under the direct supervision of the regional co-ordinator. 

vi. He shall see to the formation of the Zonal Chapters of the Organisation in all the local government of his province, region or state. 

ARTICLE 13: Tenure of Office and Appointment of Officers. 

Section 1: Tenure of Office: The tenure of office for all principal officers in Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide ranging from the National Executive Council to Local Chapter executives, shall be for forty eight months (4 years). 

Section 2: Election and Appointment of Officers: After every forty eight months or 4 years of choosing or electing officers, all posts except the post or office of the National President/Chairman Board of Trustees and the Vice shall become or be declared vacant. Fresh election or appointment shall take place during the annual general meeting at the National and state/regional/provincial level. 

Section 3: Election and Appointment of Officers of the National Executive Council shall be done or announced during the meeting of the general assembly of the Foundation at the opening session of the National Convention. 

Section 4: Election of Local Chapter Executive: The Election of officers at the local level shall be done, concluded one month after the Annual National Executive Council Meeting and all results of such selections shall reach the National Secretariat as soon as the elections are concluded. 

Section 5: Procedures for Appointment and Election of Officers: The Board of Trustees shall be at liberty to appoint or reappoint, such names to the National Executive Council. After due consideration by the National Council shall announce the names of the appointed members to the general assembly as the principal officers of the National Executive Council for adoption. 

Section 5.1 Rules of Election for Local Zones 

5.2 All members of the chapter shall be eligible to hold any of the officers of the Organisation. 

5.3 A candidate for an office shall be nominated and seconded during the election. 

5.4 The out-going executive shall manage the affairs of the Zones until a new executive takes over from it. 

5.5 The election shall take place during the normal fellowship/business meeting of the chapter. 

5.6 The election shall be conducted by the delegation from the Council of States supervised by the State executive Chairman. 

5.7 Voting shall be either by showing of hands or by secret ballot. 

5.8 A candidate for an election to any of the offices shall be deemed to have been duly elected to such office where he has a simple majority of the votes cast at the election. 

Section 6 Removal of Officers from Office 

Whenever a notice of an allegation is signed by not less than one-third (1/3) of the members of The Organisation, from the Zonal level to regional level. Such allegation be presented to the appropriate Executive Councils that the holder of such office is guilty of gross misconduct in the performance of his office, detailed particulars of which shall be specified, the Executive Council shall:- 

i. Resolve by motion without any debate whether or not the allegation shall be investigated, and a motion that the allegation be investigated shall not be declared as having been passed, unless it is supported by a simple majority. 

ii. Set up a disciplinary adhoc committee of (6 persons who are members of the Organisation) to investigate the allegation, and the said committee shall submit its report within 30 days from the date of such mandate. 

iii. Where the committee reports to the Executive that the allegation has not been proved stating reasons, the Executive accepts it by a simple majority, no further proceedings shall be taken in respect of the matter. 

iv. Where the report of the committee is that the allegation against the holder of the Office has been proved, the Executive shall consider the report, and if by a resolution is supported by a simple majority of members present, the report of the committee is adopted, then the holder of the office shall stand removed from the office as from the adoption of the report. 

v. Any office holder whose conduct is being investigated by the said committee shall stand suspended pending the final resolution or determination of the matter by the Executive as provided in this section. 

vi. Whenever a notice in writing or a motion specifies that a holder of any office is incapable of discharging the functions of his or her office due to: 

Infirmity of body or mind which renders him or her permanently incapable of discharging his duty or functions of his or her office, such officer shall cease to hold office if by the resolution the Executive’s support by simple majority of all members is satisfied that the office holder is incapable of discharging his or her functions. 

In this section “gross misconduct” means a grave violation or breach of this constitution, dishonesty, fraud, corruption, embezzlement, misappropriation, unjust enrichment or a misconduct of such a nature as in the opinion of the members of the foundation is incompatible with decency and good reputation. 

14. Disciplinary ad-hoc committee 

14.1 Disciplinary ad-hoc committee shall be set up at the State level to monitor indiscipline in the State and the Zones. It will serve as the disciplinary committee to handle matters relating to the Zones and the State. 

The Security Council will handle Disciplinary cases from the Regional to the National level. The Board of Trustees, who also are the Security Council as the highest ruling body of the Organisation shall from time to time appoint in ad-hoc committee to try cases bothering on discipline. 

14.2 The State shall be at liberty to set up an ad-hoc committee to try any member or group of members involved in any act of immorality in discipline both at the local Zones to State levels. 

ARTICLE 15: Common Seal 

Section 1: The Registered Trustees of Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall have common seal. 

Section 2. Such common seal shall be kept in the custody of the national President/Chairman of Trustees for use by the Trustees. 

Section 3. The registered Trustees of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide shall have power to accept all donations, gifts and monies and hold in trust all real and personal properties including land belonging to the registered Trustees of the Organisation and to acquire lands on behalf of the Organisation subject to such conditions as the appropriate authority may impose. 


Section 1a: The income and property of the registered Trustees of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide whenever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objectives of The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide as set forth in The Network of Pastors and Church Workers Worldwide constitution and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus, or otherwise however by way of profit to the members of . 

Section 1b: In the event of winding up or dissolution of the Organisation, if there remains, after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the Organisation but shall be given or transferred to other institution of Not Profit making organization(s) having objects similar to the objects of this Organisation In so far as effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provision then to some charitable Organizations. 

Section 2: Auditors 

(a) The National Executive Council shall annually set up an audit panel of three (3) members to audit the account of the Organisation up to Zonal level. 

(b) The audit panel shall submit its report within three months. 

(c) The accounts of the executive council and all officers including all persons and bodies established by the Organisation, entrusted with the collection and administration of the Organisation monies shall be audited and reported on by the auditors annually. 

(d) The audit panel shall have access to all books, records returns and other documents relating to the accounts of the Foundation. 

(e) The audit panel shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority. 

Section 3: Administration of pledge of allegiance 

(a) Every officer/member of this Organisation shall take a pledge of allegiance to the Organisation. 

(b) The wording of the pledge of allegiance shall be as approved by the Board of Trustees (Administrative Council). 

Dated this …………..day of …... 2017 



1.1 The name of Organization not Foundation 

1.4 International address 

4.14 to 4.16 to be removed 

6.3 Financial dependence from philanthropies, Foundations etc. 

6.7c fund of the Organisation to read Fund of NOPACWW 

6.8 Finance generating projects of the Organisation to read: of the NOPACWW 

6.8a: d, 6.8b, 6.8c, to 6.8c be removed 

Article 7.3 Governing Council to fit in to the constitution of Canada 

7.3a Foundation to be replaced with Association 

8.3c, 8.3d, 9. Foundation replace with NOPACWW 

9. Six geo political to replace with political setting of Canada 

9.1b be removed 

11: Principal Officers could be reduced 

12.1.i and 12.1.x NOPACWW replace Foundation 

12.5.vi, 12.6.i NOPACWW to replace Foundation 

12.7 to 12.13 NOPACWW replace Foundation 

The rest; change Foundation to NOPACWW 

n the Lord. They live in Lagos, Nigeria. 



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